Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Postpartum Run and Blog Intro

Teeny Tot is 7 mos old and I'm finally getting my first walk/run (albeit on the treadmill) in. The weather is beautiful today but the littles are napping so I grabbed the chance to exercise. My house really needs a cleaning but that can wait. I always forget how awesome I feel after working out. Especially after a long hiatus.

My breakfast this morning was less than stellar. I'm embarrassed to even write about it.

We are all human though, and I honestly enjoyed it very much. Hubby brought me a large coffee and donuts for the kids and I of course of them happened to be one of my favorite flavors...pumpkin. As I was eating it, I imagined living in a city and visiting a vegan bakery..I bet they would have vegan donuts...

As this is my first blog post, I thought I would explain the reasoning behind it. I feel incredible when I eat healthy. I wanted a place to journal my thoughts, experiences, and resources I find that relate to a vegan plant-based diet.

I first read Dr. Fuhrman's, Eat to Live book when my third child was a baby. It resonated with me deeply, and I put his plant-based theories in action right away. I easily lost the rest of the weight from that pregnancy and felt wonderful. I wish I could say I continued eating the Nutritarian way...but I didn't. I had a surprise pregnancy with baby #4 when my son was 8 mos old and returned to eating normally. Still healthy in my opinion, but not as I had with the Eat to Live plan.

 During my 4th pregnancy, I was told my B12 was low, despite eating meat/diary again. Since then, I have made it a priority to take a B12 supplement and try to include at least 1 T of nutritional yeast (a natural source of B12) each day. I also take a calcium/vit D/magnesium supplement daily (that is one pill).

My main focus right now is losing weight. I have 10 lbs to go from baby #4. After that I have 6 lbs from pregnancy #3 (I lost then gained). Then 10ish lbs to be back where I was after my 2nd pregnancy and my dream weight. Back then I went to the gym 2x day (yes even with 2 kids). The morning time was a class with friends (they had awesome gym childcare) and the evening time was a sort-of date with hubby! We would workout together then swim. We have since moved but are current members of our local fitness center. I haven't figured out logistics of 4 kids (one in school) and trying to work-out (no childcare there) and evenings hubby and I are just exhausted...but I know it will happen. For now we have a treadmill, weight bench, various free weights, and of course the outdoors!

I also hope to meet other like-minded plant eating busy mommy's on this blog journey!

Dr. Fuhrman Resource

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